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Our Engraving services have been used to bring a wide variety of scores to life, ranging from solo works to orchestral pieces. We pride ourselves on our versatility in engraving, which has ancluded graphic scores, electornic music realizations, and text-based scores of the contemporary and improvisational variety. We are skilled in most Music Notation software, but prefer to work in Dorico. We believe that the tools and capabilities of Dorico are the best in the industry, and see it as the definitive future of engraving for publishers, composers, and arrangers of all levels. Please contact us at for any questions or inquiries regarding these services.


Our engraving work has included a wide range of publications including an expansion to the Arban Method Book for Trumpet, two theory textbooks, restoration of original scores by Marvin Lamb, a full set of AP Music Theory worksheets, and the first full collection of La Monte Young's Compositions 1960. Work of ours has appeared in major publication houses, peer-reviewed journals, and conference presentations.

"Highly Knowledgable About Their Craft"

"Expediant Work, will let you know of even the smallest of delays in your timeline so you can accomodate."

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Software Used

When Engraving/Notating/Transcribing music, we prefer to use Dorico. We do, however, have expertise in the other industry-leading software: Finale and Sibelius. We pride ourselves on our notation work, and will even use software such as Lillypond to get something done that would not be possible otherwise. The final product is usually available in the native filetype (.dorico, .mus, or .sib) as well as a PDF fileset. Other filetypes are able to be sent on request. Any demonstration tracks will be produced using NotePerformer 3 within Dorico.