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Our Mission

Divisi Labs Missions Statement and Objectives


Divisi Labs is dedicated to the production and maintenance of high-quality music, publications, web designs, transcriptions, and research for the betterment of music and our clients.



-to be a voice of music advocacy for the betterment of music within our services and to provide our clients with the very best services and solutions possible to fit their needs and the needs of their university, church, company, or individual.

- to provide clean and professional scores as well as other publications, ranging from programs, fliers, and brochures to any individual needs of the client that might be requested.

- to provide attention-grabbing, intuitive and unique web design either hand coded via Polyphony or built off of a client’s current project.

-to provide accurate and efficient transcription services that best represents the needs of the client and the work requested.

-to provide the best possible solutions and information within our research, including and expanding our many research fields such as classical composition techniques, avant-garde methodologies, and composition pedagogical practices through classical music, electronic music, and music advocacy.