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Divisi Labs started as a music publishing company, and has grown into application development in Max/MSP, web development using PHP/MySQL, and audio/score restoration services. Divisi Labs honors its roots as a music publisher with a wide range of music-related services.

  • Transcription Services
  • Engraving Consultations
  • Writing New Music
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Web Hosting

Our flagship product, Polyphony, is a content-management solution for websites, composers, artists, and more. We also host a variety of websites on our servers, most of which utilize Polyphony. Polyphony is currently in Beta. Interested In Trying Polyphony? Just Ask!

  • Polyphony
  • Web Design
  • Hosting
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Divisi Labs prides itself on the ingenuity and creativity that has been the core of the company since the beginning. Divisi Labs projects have included creating live music programs in Max/MSP, creation of Polyphony, and many live streaming/audio recording projects.

  • Audio Restoration
  • Event Streaming
  • Audio Solutions