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Divisi Labs is a publisher, based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We focus primarily on the publicaiton of contemporary music by young and innovative composers, featuring many emerging artists in the area. We also breathe life into older works that are seen as part of our mission of Original Outreach, and Outstanding Quality. Work of ours in the past has included the revitalization of the Mario Davidovsky Synchronisms, and putting together a collection of La Monte Young's Compositions 1960. Our published music may be found online, or in select stores. It is also available as a digital product, in many cases. Don't see a product you're interested in? Email us! We're happy to give you a quote on how much a piece of music costs.

Our publishing focuses on three things: Outreach, Originality, and Outstanding Quality.

We are always reaching out to sheet music dealers to see what their needs are, and how we can best fill them. We are also consistently experimenting in new ways to deliver outstanding music to the audience, and often pursue venues for "Divisi Labs Events" in which we showcase music from across our lineup at a local venue. Our publications are always striving for originality. Sometimes, a composer writes a piece of improvisational music and we want to help you create the best product possible. It's also a priority in-house to focus on making each score stand out in its' own unique way either within the greater repertoire, our own product lineup, or a composer's own output. Outstanding Quality is our third, perhaps most potent priority. If there's something you want perfected, we will strive to make it happen no matter how long it takes to get you the best product imaginable. Do you engrave for others? Are you a transcriptionist? Divisi Labs is here for you as well!

Interesting in some of our music? We offer wholesale pricing on all our scores for verified retailers.

Please send an inquiry to with the following information:

  1. Name & Contact Information
  2. Affiliation - What business, University, or other institution(s) do you represent?
  3. What music are you interested in? Or are you simply generally interested in our work?

Composers Wishing to Publish With Divisi Labs

Please send an inquiry to with the following information:

  1. Name & Contact Information
  2. Identify Yourself: Are you a composer? Arranger? Transcriptionist? Hobbyist?
  3. A brief answer to the question: Why you want to publish through Divisi Labs?
  4. A work sample of up to 3 scores for initial consideration (PDF, .dorico, .mus, or .sib will be fine)
  5. Are you a Student? Ask about our Student Program!

Composed in Oklahoma Anthology Series

Started in 2021, the Oklahoma Anthology Series seeks to showcase all that living Oklahoma-based composers have to offer. This anthology series is compiled and edited by Divisi Labs, and is focused on music by young, early career composers. More information can be found here: