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Basic [$10/mo.]

This package is ideal for those that already have a domain name through a different registrar, or themselves, and wish to keep it that way. Additional support is available through the helpdesk.

  • Polyphony Content Management System with all incoming updates.
  • Free Template Library that is being added to all the time.
  • Customization of any baseline templates is included as a courtesy to new Polyphony subscribers. Colors, sizing, pictures, you name it!
  • Request features and customization options.
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Plus [$12/mo.]

Our most popular product. Don't worry about domain names, DNS servers, or renewing your dream website address. We'll take care of it for you.

  • Includes All of the Basic plan Plus.....
  • Included Domain Name
  • Free Google Analytics Integration
  • Enhanced response times and shorter ques when waiting for solutions from the helpdesk.
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Deluxe [$20/mo.]

Our deluxe package is ideal for anyone wanting to take control of their data and make use of a great many tools without paying any extra.

  • Includes All of the Plus plan Plus....
  • Customized User analytics sent out monthly from Polyphony
  • SEO optimization - Get Discovered with Google Searches Easier!

Additional Services Below

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Web Design

This service begins at $50 and varies based on our availability, the estimated time to complete a project, and the level of skill required for your project to come to life.

  • Get a beautiful, customized website that takes inspiration from what you want.
  • Major updates to any custom templates are allowed once per year before incurring additional charges.
  • Stand out from your peers!
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Google Analytics Activation

One-time $20 fee.

  • Use your existing google account (or create a free one!) and monitor yourself in real-time.
  • See where your users are interacting with your site and strategize their visits.
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Purchase a domain name

$20 every two years, billed bi-annually.

  • Get the domain name you want using Divisi Labs as your registrar.
  • Avoid the hassle of updating DNS settings when protocols change or servers update.
  • Less emails back and forth between Divisi and you!