Web Development

Divisi Labs is proud to announce that our primary web design project, Polyphony, is finally entering Beta Testing!


What is Polyphony?

Polyphony is a Content Management System (CMS) that specializes in providing services and tools for composers. Polyphony features include:

  • User-Controlled Content Creation
  • Dynamic Menus
  • Easy to navigate Control Panel Interface
  • Composition Database Management System
  • Audio Hosting capabilities
  • Template Services
  • Image Uploading/Downloading
  • Limited Document hosting (as needed for your website)
  • Nearly 100% uptime
  • Fast and reliable database-driven websites

We are adding new features all the time! Have a request? Just let us know and we might be able to add something for you!


Can I see some examples of it in action?

Certainly! Here's a list of a few websites that gave us the "okay" to show off what we've done for them.

  • www.DivisiLabs.com
  • www.ZachDaniels.com
  • www.Polyphony.me
  • www.AshlieVelten.com
  • www.Cazgem.com (Temporarily Down. Check back later!)


I'm not a composer.... Is this for me?

It can be! While we focus on providing tools for composers to build a portfolio website, we also host non-composers. A good example of this is www.AshlieVelten.com .


Can I use Polyphony?

Since it is currently in early Beta stages of testing, any interested parties should contact Divisi Labs to request access to this stage of development.


How long will Polyphony be in Beta?

It will remain in Beta until we are comfortable with it's customization options and are able to claim 90-95% user control (including template design and color selections).


Can I have Polyphony for personal use?

The answer is currently (and likely to remain) no. Polyphony's pricing will be competitive and highly affordable for any beginning website.


Can I at least see some code?

It's very messy. I'm not even sure how it works! Maybe wizards?